Giving Back : Return to The Nature

Our commitment to giving back to our nature and community and to those in need stems from an underlying philosophy that believes we will successful together alongside with us.

Gluay num wa (Musa Sapientum linn) Planting Projectet

All our long term Guests have the opportunity to leave a special memory in The Nature House. You can plant your Gluay nam wa and We will send your pictures or When you come back to The Natue House and see how it grows. You can visit it everytime you come back to Aonang, Krabi Thailand.



Black crab released back to the Mangroves

Black crab released back to the Mangroves : We purchased Black crabs (Serrated mud crab, Mangrove crab, Giant mud crab) from Krabi Market and released back to the Mangroves.







Cleaning up our local beaches

The aim has been to clean the local beach, but also to raise awareness of the build-up of rubbish on our local beaches and elsewhere in the area.





Social Contribution

Part of revenue donated go towards assisting children, Poverty, youth and families in need in Krabi.

ร่วมบริจาคและช่าวเหลือผู้ยากไร้ เด็ก คนพิการ ในจังหวัดกระบี่และร่วมสนับสนุนโครงการต่างๆเท่าที่เราสามารถทำได้ เช่น คุณบิณฑ์ บรรลือฤทธิ์



Donate a bicycle light , rice and dry food to a disabled man.




Sufficiency Economy

This is my first testing about Bean sprouts grown in plastic bottle (Drinking Water) Reuse and recycling was a main goal of the design.




Reuse Plastic Bags

Reuse plastic bags to protect fruit from fungus and pests, The idea of bagging our fruits such as Santol, Jackfruitt with reuse plastic bags to protect them from fungus and pests, to help them to develop a bigger size and sweet taste.




Mangrove Reforestation in Krabi Thailand

Mangrove Reforestation in Krabi Thailand, This is a part of our project, Mangrove reforestation and conservation. To restore biodiversity to the immediate area by providing a habitat for native animals such as black crab and Take action against climate change – trees absorb carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas, from our atmosphere and store the carbon while releasing oxygen.